Music has always been there for everyone. No one hates music. If one hates music, then he must have a mental problem. There is another thing that we have to look carefully into. This is about the differences and similarity of western and eastern music.

Western Music

Western music has always been the best music that many people listen to. However, with the development of eastern music at the same time the emergence of great Asian musician and singers, eastern music have also become developed.

Hearing eastern music, they have totally different melody from the west especially Chinese music. Korean and Japanese music have similarity with the western because pop and rock songs were somewhat adapted from the west. However, Chinese music have maintained their way and style and composing their songs. Usually, they are soft and slow. It is truly unique from the west so once you hear their music, you can immediately guess which country music it is.

Western music and Eastern music are both good in the development of the music but what is difference is the melody. You can tell if its western music or eastern music when you hear it.

All countries have their own music but still western became the dominant music all over the world. It is not too much to say that some countries come to adore western music more than other music in the world. When there is an international competition about music, western wins. How is this? Music can only be judged in a subjective way.