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The 7 major interesting and amazing effects of music on the brain

There are many things that we can be able to have when we listen to music. We love music from the moment we are born. For those who have listened to songs from their mother when they are babies are very much blessed. They were able to understand the importance of music maybe when they do not listen to anymore. When mothers put their babies to sleep they sing or hum. It is an effective way to let a baby sleep. Let us see the infographic below.

Here is the seven effect of music on the brain. We have or we will post about the effect of playing the piano to the brain also for your understanding. There are many genres of music and many love the electronic kind of music that Jean-Michel Jarre our favorite musician is into. He has a very good performance and so we also want and share to other people how good is his music and they should listen to his songs so they can also appreciate it. Every mother love to see their son getting married.  Get the facts here to know about mothers dresses in a wedding. This is what mothers should try.

A certain music genre has different effects also. A classical is good when you are trying to calm yourself and be relax. When you want to listen to emotional kind of songs you can listen to country music or the ballad songs. Whatever is your mood you can adjust the music genre. If you want to dance you can play pop songs or listen to the electronic music by the famous. I am one of the important guest on my friend’s wedding. So, to prepare myself i search for  wedding guest outfits for me to wear. And look what I found, there is a bridal company that has many amazing dress outfits, to know what is this company you click the link above.

The 6 things that happen to your brain when you play piano

Many people admire those who can play piano because it is not easy to learn. I remember when I start to learn how to play guitar. I can remember where should I put my fingers according to the tune but my problem was strumming. When I do my sister would complain because the tune is not good. Then I just stopped when I went to a boarding house. I did not continue to learn and then I try to learn to play the piano.

You can see in the infographic what would the brain do when you will play the piano. Maybe my brain cannot handle that is why I just again give up when I try to learn how to play the piano. They say that if you want to retain the good health and function of your brain then one of the things that you can do is to learn to play piano or learn another language. You can see all the benefits above in regard to the different body parts.

Reading all the infographic it is amazing because you can be able to let your different parts of your brain active. That is why they say learn piano to have a sharp brain. It is a good way because when you do not use something for a long time then you may come to forget it. That is why when you play piano they are all activated and that you will exercise your brain and that makes it active.

Your music, your wedding: The 4 things you need to prepare

A wedding is one of the happiest even for a couple who wants to be with the person they consider as someone they love. Every person has the sense or needs to have someone to talk to and share secrets, pain, and sorrow. That is why many have their own friends to be able to fill that need. There is a study that women who have friends are better to deal with life than a male who likes to kept something to themselves.

That is how powerful music can become. When it comes to a wedding, It is not complete without a song. There is parts or process in the wedding before, during and after that, a musician needs to play a song or instrumental song especially when the bride enters and when they have their dance or when guests are waiting. They are needed and so many couples even rent a band to pony in their wedding day. The process will have four aspects to be considered so that it would be successful.

If you will take into consideration the guide provided above then you can be able to picture what would happen during the video. You should communicate well and have a detailed discussion with the band so that they could be provided a space where they will play and that they know the sequence so they could be of help when something unexpected happens. The goal is a happy and successful event so let the music play and have fun. I discover this buffet restaurant ever since I got to join my friends eating. I found their delicious meals offered. And it is great and I love it.

The 3 physical and 4 mental benefits of music to a person

I remember one friend during college who does not want to listen to music especially when she is alone. It is because to her it is a noise. As she is alone in her rented room she prefers not to listen to music because when she turn it off she can feel that she is alone. But when you will see in the illustration below there is a benefit of listening to music to the brain. I will message her and see if her thinking about music is still the same until now.

Maybe she likes to listen to music at this time because she is already married and so she is not alone. If you see in the illustration above you can see the different benefits in terms of physical and mental health the music can give to you. In terms of physical health benefit in can lessen the pain a person is experiencing that is why one acquaintance used to play melodies to soothe the pain of her mother that is bedridden.

In terms of the mental health you can read above that it says it improves the over all intelligence. How good it is to be able to listen to music and feel good and healthy. That is why you can see those who have a hard time studying or hard at work play music while they are studying or working. There is also instrumental music that helps you relax and sleep very well. Do you know what I like in fashion? Having a vintage fashion dress is the thing that makes me happy. All of my living, I spend my time looking for a  vintage dresses because it is very beautiful.

Learning the psychology of music and 5 facts on hold music

Many times you may have had problems regarding bills and other utilities or bank matters that you need to settle and you usual a y use telephone to call their customer service. Many times you may have experienced being put on hold listening to some kind of music. Companies have understood the importance of giving music for callers to listen because it is not easy to wait for a customer service to answer your call. The company has a fixed music that plays repeatedly.

As they have the automatic response to your call and even if you had already chosen what is your concern you have to still wait. But it is not easy to wait that is why they put a music so that all clients that are put on hold can listen to. But companies have their own kinds of music they chose and you can have a different genre of music that you like that is why it is essential for the company to properly chose a hold music.

You can see in the illustration about the response of callers to the genres of music to be played. The top genre of song that receives a good response from callers is classical. Callers have different emotions when they call so it is best to choose what is better. When it comes to seeing what male and female prefer the result was that male prefer alternative while female prefer the classical genre of music.

The top 10 interesting facts about music and women

When the time of the male gender to be seen and regarded as the head and they are the ones to be followed, female gender has not stayed comfortable and so the right of women was made and recognized. Women started to enter in the field that only men have been. It has taken a long process but now we can see how women became influential and powerful. In many fields, you can see women who have a good position. Let us see the infographic below.

You can see many facts about the women in the music industry in the illustration above. You can see that there are many different facts that are presented that depends upon many categories. one of the fact presented is the salary gap of male and female singers. Male are paid higher than females even in the different age ranges. In terms also of education, it was recorded that women in the music industry are more educated than the male counterparts. That is why many do not depend on music. Making me feel amazed is by the  help of this insurance company. Shin Kong group inc. is the one that many people need. The best for helping many people in their health problem.

In terms also of exposures, the men are given more chances than the women. Even if there are many famous female singers but they are still less compared to the male that has their own support. that is why if you want to be able to have something to do about it then you can see in the bottom part of the illustration on what you can do. All the help was given in this life insurance company. You click this useful link in here and find this insurance company. This is good and best.

The 5 genres of influential music your father like

Many times it was proven that what parents teach to their children they can adapt and learn to like it. An example is when a child always listens to her mother sings and consider it as beautiful. She can also make effort and learn how to sing. You can watch in music competition that children say they come to love music because of their mom and also their father. I have watched once a family of a father and three sons who sing in a competition.

It is heartwarming when you watch those kinds of situations. Music really has its own powerful effect to a person and to the whole family. That is why in this article we have the infographic as the center of our article. Whatever is the type of music that your father likes have an influence on what kind of music a child can choose when he grows up. There are circumstances that fathers are the one who trains their children to be able to sing.

There are five genres above and you can try for yourself to answer the questions and let us see who is the predicted singer or singers that you like. Every singer has their own style and so you can be able to understand about their characteristics and identity. Other people like to follow their style of life like his walking, how he dresses, how he styles his hair and what products does he use. I visit many bridal shops to look for beautiful dress to wear on my sister’s wedding and only one captures my attention.  Bridal shop of Jasmine dresses has all he designs that I am looking for. You try to visit also here guys, and see their designs that what I am talking about.

The 4 major reasons why people love music and value them

In whatever country you will go you can be able to see people who listen to music. In this age, it is easier for people to listen to music everywhere because of the mobile phones. That is why you can see in the subway, on the bus, in snack house, or in the park people who listen to music with their headset on. You cannot erase the love of music to people. It became already part of their everyday life. Let us see why do people love music.

You can see the illustration on the effect of music on a person and those are the reasons that make us like music. The first reason is that because of the rhythm that music produces.  Our body responds and works according to the rhythm from the outside source like the weather as it is shown in the illustration above. The second reason is harmony that is responsible to balance the different parts of the body that should work together for the perfect body function.

The third reason is connected to the melody. It is amazing how even babies can already have their own melody understanding and it can be seen and feel between the baby and the mother. The third reason is that when we listen to music the brain will produce the chemical that is responsible for letting us feel good and satisfied. How amazing is the effect of music on a person. Let us continually listen to music.

The Greatest Singers in the World

Here are the list of greatest singers in the world whose names have never been blotted out form the list of stars.

Lea Salonga is a Philippine singer who began her singing lessons in Saigon. No one can beat her magnificent and golden voice even Celine Dion.

Regine Velasquez is called the Asia’s song bird. She became Asia’s song bird before Lea became famous all over the world.

Celine Dion– She is considered one of the greatest singers of all time. There are many singers who idolized her voice.

Whitney Houston is one of the most amazing girl when it comes to singing. Millions of people have attended her concert and no one can ever forget her.

Kwon, Bo-ah is a Korean singer who also made a big shot in the history of Korea.

Justin Beiber is always on the list for his amazing work in his albums. There is no one who rejects his songs because he has amazing voice.

Coco Lee is a successful singer in Korea who had been with the crowd for many years. She is now producing her latest albums.

Allan Jackson is a country music singer who has been idolized by many Asians till this very moment. His famous song is “Remember When”

Shila Amzah is a singer in China and she is one of the best singers who has a golden voice with the Talent Show in China.

Ayumi Hamasaki is a Japanese singer and she is one one of the most famous singer in Japan and in Asia.

Stunning Kids who have Wonderful Voice

Have you ever heard of the voices of these kids who stuns judges and crowd? With their age such as 9 years old or just  less than 10, they seem like they are already adult singers even surpassing some singers’ talent. Let’s name them.

Celine Tam is Chinese by blood kid who started singing at the age of 7 in Chinese shows. With her voice, she catches the crowds attention and she joined America’s Got Talent in 2017. She has been practicing songs so she would become a singer someday.

Angelica Hale is just 9 years old when she showed up her talent in America’s Got Talent and even received a golden buzzer. She is American-Filipina whose voice is so shocking. With her age, she’s got big voice.

Jeffry Li is a Chinese kid who began singing when he was 8 years old. He is a star! His voice is really very wonderful and really talented boy. He first sang the song “You Raise me up” with Celine Tam. His favorite songs are Celine Dion’s. He is a Canadian citizen but he was accepted by his native fellow people.

Chloe Channel is a very good American little girl who also became famous through American Got Talent.

Yoon Si Young is a Korean kid who became famous for singing “tomorrow in Korea in aThe Voice Kids Korea.

Alexa Curtis is an Australian kid who made a name in the history of Australian the Voice kids. She was 10 when she sang “This Girl is on Fire”. She is now grown up and still joining singing competitions.